• Pre-Engineered & Manufactured Offsite
    Low cost, pre-engineered off site lightweight steel for any small or large project
  • Speed & Quality
    Rapid A1 to passive standard cold formed steel superstructure for multiple applications.
  • Safety built into our Engineering
    Complete Firewall Safety in place.

Manufacturing sustainable, affordable homes

Whether its a one off family home or a need for rapid build houses and apartments, Arccen steel frame can supply the structural envelope or a finished turnkey home.

From residential to commercial developments

Our innovative building system is designed to deliver a one stop solution for sustainable buildings of the future now, for architects, developers and builders.

Experience counts for Everything

Coming from a traditional building background, we have spent years researching, to find a building system that can tackle the need for fastrack sustainable building that can solve a global problem.

Class A1 Fire Rated, Zero Flame or Smoke

Impervious to Water: No Mould, No Damp

People Safe: Zero Toxins, Zero Off-Gassing

Impact Strength, will not dent or scratch

Welcome to Arceen Steel Frame Homes

Steel Framed Building Solutions

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that  are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold formed steel (CFS)  means faster build times, lower costs, versatile design , delivering premium , more energy-efficient buildings.

Arccen steel frame brings together  three important elements of the construction  process into a one stop experience providing design, offsite manufacturing and supply or build to architects, developers and builders.

Our Framecad CFS technology allows us to pre-engineer and manufacture offsite in a software-controlled factory , all the elements of walls, floors and roofs frames and then deliver to site for fast assembly,  resulting in reduced material ,labour and construction time.

Let our team of passive certified architects and engineers from Vivacitas Ireland design and create your vision for buildings of the future. If you already have  a design or a project , we would be happy to convert it  to steel frame  with 3d visualization and engineering. 

Putting the Client First

Arccen can be relied on to deliver your project on time , as we always take a long-term commitment of investing in relationships with our clients and partners.

Let us design your dream

Arccen is innovative group in, design, manufacturing and build which includes passive certified architects, engineers, builders and designers all with the same purpose, which means you don't have to waste time dealing with many different professionals and trades.


We have joined with vivacitas homes, and framecad along with other partners to bring the most innovative solutions possible to the market and so, benefitting from that group strength in everything we do.

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