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Arccen off site steel framing means a one stop supply chain for  all the structural elements that your building needs.Lightweight steel framing is particularly suited for panelisation because it is presision manufactured to meet exacting tolerances. Its light weight allows for easier handling with fewer skilled framers on site.

Arccen CFS walls, can be supplied as assembled frames or simply just the studs and tracks delivered to sites that might be operationaly tight with each marked for easy assembly within 15 min per wall section.

The Arccen System can produce frames to suit a large range of building designs. This page details the typical framing members which may be needed to produce a building using the Arccen System.

Bottom plates
Bottom plates are horizontal members fixed to the bottom of the studs and should be fully supported below load-bearing studs. Fixings through the bottom plate are used to secure frames to the floor.
Steel K-bracing, formed with Arccen frame sections as bracing in the line of wall frames, may be used to provide bracing resistance to walls. K-braces can be used to provide frame squaring and stiffness to aid construction.
Webbed floor joist
The webbed floor joist is a lightweight steel truss consisting of parallel chords and a triangulated web system. These are designed at various depths to span between support points.
Common studs
Common studs are standard wall studs which are not located beside an opening. These studs must be evenly spaced to accommodate loads, lining and cladding.
Jamb studs
Located either side of openings in the frame, jamb studs provide extra support for lintels above windows, doors and arch ways
Lintels are horizontal structures within a wall spanning between jamb studs over door and window openings

Nogging can either be a continuous length of C section with lip and web notches for the studs to pass through, or short pieces cut between the studs at alternate staggered heights. 

Typically, short walls will have one line of nogs, for taller walls, their can be 2-3 lines of nogs.

Top plates
Top plates are horizontal structural members fixed to the top of the studs. On load-bearing walls carrying a light load, top plates can transfer loads from the roof to the studs where the studs are not located directly below the trusses. For walls carrying heavy loads, top plates would need to be strengthened with L-header plates if studs are not located directly below the truss

ResCom Building Products

ResCom® (CMC) High Performance Cellulose Magnesia Cement Exterior and Interior Boards are:

  • Environmentally Friendly (Delivering LEED Credits)
  • Non-toxic internal and external sheathing and flooring solutions (Zero TVOC’s)
  • The best protection from fire, water or storm events
  • A1 Non-Combustible
  • Fire Resistant Exterior & Interior Wall, Ceiling and Floor Systems from 60min to 240min FRL
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Flood Resistant
  • Mould Resistant
  • Protects from toxic mould and moisture build up
  • Extensive 3rd party QA, Testing and Compliance via , INTERTEK & PCME

ResCom® (CMC) products are a fit for purpose range of internal and external cladding, for wet areas, ceilings and structural flooring that removes the need for multiple layers of drywall, dens glass and FC sheets.All ResCom® (CMC) Board products are a multifaceted high performance engineered sheathing / Lining  / Cladding that eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive complex multilayer drywall systems.

When applied as per the recommendations of the ResCom® BP Technical Installation Manual the ResCom® (CMC)products will deliver to the building and construction industry superior protection from Wildfire and Extreme Weather Events. ResCom® (CMC) building products also offer superior acoustic and impact performance that can save a project from 50% to 80% off the cost of materials & labour, reduce weight loadings, reduce waste and increase Net Floor Area across the complete project.


Arccen Steel Frame & Magnesium Cement System

Driven by both ever-increasing cost pressures and the demand for buildings with improved environmental performance, ResCom Fire Wall Board is part of the next wave of building solutions.

The New Generation of Fire Rated Separating Wall Board

ResCom Fire Wall Board is the new generation of high-performance construction material that meets the modern challenges of fire resistance in construction. It's an environmentally friendly composite cold formed ceramic magnesium oxide (MgO) internal fire rated lining board.

Fire Wall Boards strength and fire resistance is due to the very strong bonds between the Magnesium (Mg) and Oxygen (O) atoms that form Magnesium Oxide Chemical Symbol MgO.

Faster & More Efficient Intertenancy Wall Construction

The ResCom Fire Wall Building System has been designed and perfected to be specified for intertenancy wall (party wall) construction.

Fire Wall Board which is the integral part of the Fire Wall Building System is a code marked certified fire rated product designed to be faster and more efficient

Installation of Fire Wall System

The installation of the ResCom Fire Rated and Acoustic Separation Wall System between attached occupancy units is made easy by our nine-step installation process.

The ResCom Fire Wall Building System replaces existing shaft liner plaster systems.

Construction of intertenancy walls is now easier and more efficient.

In essence we are removing the Shaft Liner Plaster System and replacing it with a 50mm cavity, replacing the internal plaster board wall with ResCom Fire Wall Board.

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