What we do


Our architects from our design partners Vivacitas are certified as passive house designers by the german passive house institute, incorporating the PHPP program.

Once you have a site and following consultations, we can design your building ,or for residential, you can choose from our list of predesigned homes. After the plans are finalized and accepted , we will create the CFS  structural design for the complete build, including roof, external and interior walls and floor sections.


We can also include the structural insulated panel design and schedule for windows and doors along with the mechanical and electrical specifications. The superstucture can then be manufactured and the frames assembled offsite in a short period of time and then delivered directly to your site ready for installation. Upon delivery, the superstructure can be erected in days with a team of as little as four depending on the scale of the project. Construction can be up to 50 % quicker and costs working out 30% less.


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