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Pods -- modular construction

Modular construction refers to taking factory produced pre - engineered building units and delivering them to site. The lightweight robust nature of arccen cold formed steel is a perfect system for producing  modular units that are cost effective and fast and means we can produce permanent or non - permanent units.

Bathroom / kitchen pods

Bathroom and kitchen pods can be built offsite, much faster, safer and more sustainably.  Building your bathooms on-site is especially inefficient and causes headaches,  delays and safety problems. 

We can provide you with an offsite solution and deliver your pre- designed bathrooms or kitchens ready for installation. This means that the client gets a high quality fully fitted unit to spec, unhindered by the weather, restricted site access, and damages due to obvious overcrowding.

It only takes as little as two to three hours to to fit and connect the unit to the buildings electrical,  plumbing and ventilation system. Arccen can be your one procurement supplier from design to manufacture and supply.

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