What we do


Arccen can fabricate and supply floor joists and roof trusses at unbeatable prices, whether its a new build, or an extension to an existing building. 

Roof Trusses And Long Span Joists

Arccen supply floor joists and trussed roofs. Even if your building is traditional or adding to an existing structure. Arccen will supply trussed roofs and lattice joists. A structural engineers report will accompany all trusses and joists. We design, engineer, pre-fabricate, deliver and install if required.

  • Open web floor joists with spans up to 10m
  • Roof trusses with clear spans up to 20m


Our trusses and joists can be used in a hybrid build with conversitonal roofing and floor finishing systems and is easily insatalled.

We also supply;

  • Floor cassettes with baseboard fitted
  • Floor joist systems to support concrete screeds


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Longer spans than timber
  • More liveable space possible in attics
  • Extremely strong integrated joist system if required
  • Open web: Space for down lighters, electrical trays and ducted services
  • Fast Installation

Floor Lining

One layer of Rescom 18mm Magnesium Cement Board fixed to Arccen cold formed steel joists and run in the opposite direction of the joists.

Full length sheets shall be used where possible.
All sheet end joints must be formed over framing.

Arccen Prefabricated Trusses

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