We will design and build your home or building to be zero energy. Buildings that require almost zero energy for cooling and heating is not an option anymore, it is a requirement that defines our future way of life. Arccen and our partners Vivacitas ( certified passive designers )are invested in sustainability and we know that the future for construction has to be focused on zero energy homes , not just for our kids and the planet but also because we all have to comply with new European regulation.


Cold formed steel is the ultimate sustainable structural element that can support our range of thermally efficient products that we rely on to complete our buildings to the standard needed for NZEB.

Steel is manufactured from one of the most abundant elements on earth and is reused again and again without losing its properties. About 40% of the steel we use today is recycled, which gives it such a high value at every stage of its life cycle.

Its superior strength to weight ratio means a little steel goes a long way, and in our lightweight steel manufacturing process, there is very little waste and if there is its 100% recyclable. 

Innovative green products

We design all our houses to be NZEB, requiring the minimum amount of energy used for heating and cooling. Our objective is to reach an annual space heating / cooling demand, no higher than 15 kwh / ( m2 a). We accomplish this by using innovative materials such as Xtratherm insulation, low energy windows and Rescom structural  magnesium cement boards, which then can be rendered directly with Thermocork , that meet the highest requirements for airtight envelopes.



Additionally we propose the use of a low energy consumption heat recovery ventilator with an air to air heat pump providing a constant comfortable temperature all year round at a minimal cost in electricity. 

In order for the house to be zero energy, we recommend the installation of solar pv (photovoltaic)  panels for generating this minimal needed energy. Air quality is a vital subject in our buildings as it has a strong connection with the health and well being of the residents and that is why we incorporate ventilation systems in every design.

This is why we recommend using a heat recovery unit which allows for the heat contained within exhausted stale air coming from rooms such as  bathrooms and the kitchen to be extracted and on  Its way out to heat the incoming fresh air. Additionally, our unit has the ability to heat or cool down that fresh air, through an ac unit incorporated inside the machine. Arccen buildings are guaranteed to supply an airtight envelope that will also eliminate cold bridging which leads to a healthier air quality,  saves on heating costs and increases the durability of the structure. 



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